Reframing Minds


A unique, tailored made programme designed to upgrade you for the most amazing transformation possible. Using a carefully designed therapeutic package, that is 100% bespoke to each individual client, we can secure change that is fast, dynamic and pain free.

Expect the unexpected because you will experience a creative combination of mindfulness, mentoring, hypnotherapy, bodywork and anchoring. This is not a one-size fits all, because we are all individual, we all have very different circumstances, backgrounds and personal experiences that have created our blueprint for life.

If you are looking for something new, something different, if you are looking to be the best version of you – free from unwanted and out dated patterns of behaviour then ultimately the TIME IS NOW and Reframing Minds is for you!


We now know that the brain is not fixed or hard wired by the time we reach adulthood – it is actually adaptable like plastic and changes and grows throughout our lives. This means that we can change the way the mind works, we can alter our thinking, beliefs and thought patterns by training the brain and growing new connections and pathways. Neuroscientists call this, ‘neuroplasticity’ and scientific research shows using MRI scans that we can upgrade, rewire and REFRAME big time!

The mind is an amazing beautiful tool that is ultimately built for two purposes, to ensure our safety and ultimately to keep us happy. We can liken our mind to a computer system that consciously and unconsciously files away all the data that makes us who we are including our experiences, emotions and feelings. And like a computer or a mobile device, sometimes we need a bit of an upgrade to refresh or REFRAME.


Maybe you are looking for something totally different?

Maybe you are looking for a refreshing forward thinking approach that doesn’t require you to dwell on past disappointments and sadness?

Maybe you are ready for something brighter in you life, a sense of happiness and peace?

Maybe you want to feel alive and you are ready to live your best life possible?

You know that life could be more fulfilling, more enjoyable, more exciting and you are ready to live your life differently.

You are ready to make change and you don’t want to wait a minute longer.


You can change something or you can change everything!

We can shift old patterns of behaviour, we can refresh and update existing beliefs and we can establish new ways of thinking and this will result in us creating a new you!

This is a programme for rapid transformational CHANGE.

Change that is wanted and deserved.

Change that will enable you to be the best that you can be – for yourself and for those around you too.

Sounds to good to be true I know - but trust me - it works.

The list below is by no means exhaustive, but it will give you an idea of what we can achieve when we start working together:

  • Increasing your self confidence, self esteem and self belief
  • Changing unhealthy negative patterns of behaviour
  • Removing unhealthy subconscious blocks from the past
  • Tackling negative and destructive emotions such as sadness, depression, anger and anxiety
  • Reprogramming for personal success – focus and achieve your goals on all levels
  • Enhancing your motivation, thought processes and performance at work
  • Even climbing a mountain – it’s all within your power to change your life


If you are ready to take that one step closer to being the best you can be then please contact me for an informal chat and we can discuss YOU! We can talk about what your transformation will be like, what your hopes and aspirations are for the future and ultimately what you would like to change!

If you choose to go ahead and work with me then we will look at starting with a programme of three sessions – in three sessions you will experience a very different you and you won’t look back – only forward.

If more than three session are needed we can discuss this together, but I think you will be surprised at what we can achieve in such a small number of sessions – working with the subconscious mind is truly awesome and when you find the right time, place, person and tools – you cannot imagine what is possible.

Ask for more and live your best life.

Jo Price

The Conscious and the Subconscious Mind

There are two major parts to our thinking: The Conscious and the Subconscious. Whilst our conscious represents the thoughts we are aware of, it is our subconscious that controls all of our feelings, behaviours and beliefs.

When we attempt to change the way we think, feel or behave we often struggle to make any impact, and find ourselves in the frustrating situation of knowing how we should be thinking, but experiencing something quite different.

This is because our efforts involve using our conscious mind when its actually our subconscious that is in charge of any changes.

The CONTROL system teaches you how to communicate with your subconscious mind in a way that it gets heard, enabling you to make the required changes quickly and easily without having to fight or go through any lengthily retraining processes.

The truth is that knowledge is power and the Reframing Minds programme is CHANGE.