What clients say


One word about this INCREDIBLE!!
Some people have religion, some people have therapists, I was introduced to Jo Price from Reframing Minds through a mutual friend and what happened next was amazing! Over the last five weeks, my life and perception of everything has been changed and been reframed forever! At first I was sceptical but in just five sessions I am truly stunned at how powerful unlocking the power of your own subconscious mind can be! You have to explore this Reframing Minds empowering experience for yourself. I’m so thankful for the work we have done and the new person I have become Jo.
James - London


Wow what can I say!! Jo is amazing!!
I have struggled most of my life with jealous and confidence issues and in three sessions I had a new way of thinking in place. Very unsure when I first went but by the end of it, I was so pleased I had. This was the best thing I have ever done for myself and for my well-being. I am giving Jo 20 out of 20, this woman is amazing and I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me.
Stephanie - London


You are amazing!
I am utterly blown away with the changes that we’ve made in my work and home life during the last month. I recently spoke at a very prestigious conference and had no fear and for the first time in my life actually enjoyed speaking in public – it was so surreal. This would have never been possible without Jo's help. Jo - thank you so much for everything you have done, you’ve changed my life!
Mary – Kent


Thank you Jo!
Jo works in such a positive, supportive way to re-frame your mind that you can think differently about what you have achieved and what you can achieve in such a short space of time. I thoroughly recommend the work that Jo does and the way in which she works with you, in such a supportive and yet challenging way, to bring about positive and long-lasting changes. Not only did I see and experience these positive changes within the three sessions, but the Reframing Minds programme provided me with tools that I can use for life long changes.
Taylor - Kent


Jo you are a miracle worker!
What Jo has been able to do for me in such a short space of time is nothing short of a miracle. From previously being anxious and scared, she has enabled me to be confident and has completely changed my mindset about how to approach life. Life is very different for me and I have the tools to move forward and be the best that I can be. Thank you so much Jo.
Lauren - Kent


In less than a month I have changed so much it’s phenomenal!
The truth is that the whole process was so effortless. My brain just thinks differently about all the things I wanted to change. I have a completely new mindset, and I know I wouldn’t be in this wonderful place if it wasn’t for you Jo. I’m now a stone lighter, I’ve given up drinking, smoking and now eat more healthy foods. I look in the mirror and I just can’t believe the changes. I’m coming back soon for more changes and top ups. Thank you.
Amy – London


To say I was sceptical is a massive understatement!
I'd gone down a road of hopeless misery and I accepted that this was my future and my state of mind was very dark. Drinking habits were unhealthy and destructive. Through your patience and skills you enabled me to see and accept situations from a different perspective, (which I thought I would never buy into because of my mindset) and your introduction to AA was pivotal in my journey to recovery and becoming drink free. I would like to end by saying that without your guidance and timely suggestions, I would never have been able to get clear of the dark, black cloud that used to follow me around. Thanks Jo, you have a beautiful soul and I'm lucky to have been helped by you, I will always be forever in your debt.
David - Kent


If you are looking to make some big life changes then Jo Price is a winner!
My experience with Jo has been enlightening and has enabled me to start to fulfil my real inner potential and be the person I would really like to be.
Ken – London


Having sustained a significant traumatic brain injury I spent several months in hospital recovering. For six weeks I was fed a protein drink through my nose and was constantly hungry and desperate for food. I lost over two stone in weight and was very weak and skeletal. From then on my appetite was ferocious and I was eating anything and everything and piling on the pounds. My eating was out of control. After visiting Jo there has been a massive improvement. I am no longer snacking all the time and getting back to the healthy eating I enjoyed before my injury. To regain control was very important to me. I am now enjoying and controlling healthy eating. Jo was amazing and is non-judgemental, confident and very professional. Without the help and support of Jo I would not have achieved success so quickly.
Martin - London


Working with Jo has enabled me to shift guilt that I have carried with me for 45 years, which has held me back from enjoying life. Today I am ready to start my life, living in the moment being the amazing, awesome Wonder Woman that I am. Jo, thank you - the work you do is mind blowing and you are truly awesome.
Josephine - Surrey


This girl is amazing!!
I started seeing her a couple of months ago as health issues had beaten me down. I can’t quite believe the difference in such a short time. We discussed a few things that I was having difficulty with and I now don’t recognise the person I had originally described myself as. I had a fear of spiders that was so deep set and controlling, that I never believed that anything could be done about it and the truth is it was so debilitating. Jo has brought me to a place where I can be in the same room as one, in fact a massive big black thick legged spider sat on the wall while I ate my lunch and one ran across the roof of the car above my head and my reaction was so surprising as I was “Oh! Ok, lets get him out”, I cannot believe my own reaction. The fear has gone. It’s just not there. We worked on other areas too which have resulted in me seriously enjoying my life again. I am no longer anxious or worried about EVERYTHING! I love this woman and I AM LOVING LIFE!
Charlotte – Ireland


When I started my sessions with Jo I was lacking in self-confidence and was at a real low. I had backed away from challenges as I had assumed that I was not good enough to achieve them. I was unable to accept praise and thought that the praise was not deserved. The sessions allowed me to celebrate my achievements and to realise that I am good enough (and that good enough is actually amazing). I am now able to accept praise and believe that it is genuine and true, which has allowed me to continue in my profession and to develop and grow. My mind is now focussed – yet also able to relax and let go. I don’t take my work worries home at the end of the day. My life is for living. I would recommend the sessions to everyone – Thanks Jo!
Sandra – Kent


I've always assumed that shyness came with a package of other things such as low self esteem, worrying, over analysing as well as being too critical of myself. Being extremely stubborn and determined I’ve always tried to dampen my critical voice, putting strategies in place to cope with the busyness of life and my mind. I can honestly say that working with Jo has transformed my life and wellbeing. My critical voice is now an encourager and I’m enjoying the peace my mind now has. I haven’t changed who I am, but I now believe in who I am!
Claire – Kent


Wow where do I start!
My journey started in October 2018 when I was thinking that my son needed therapy. It turned out that I needed to quit drinking. I booked in with Jo at the beginning of January 2019 and one session with Jo and my 30 year dependency on alcohol was gone forever! I couldn’t believe it, one session is all it took and now I am closing in to seeing a year drink free and 100% T total! Thank you Jo.
Mike – Kent


Jo your work has changed my life.
I recently finished my Reframing Minds sessions with Jo. I booked in as I was suffering with sever anxiety specifically regarding a sports exam, and in particular, a really crucial fitness test which I really need to pass to progress in my career. Historically, I had failed this test due to injury. However, I was now continuing to fail due to apprehension and anxiety and not injury. Having passed the test in training, I knew I could do it physically, but my anxiety levels completely took over and I proceeded to fail the test by five meters. The bottom line was, I was left with just one more chance to enter and pass - no pressure!!I had heard about the excellent work Jo had done with some of my colleagues and so I attended a free consultation and booked up ASAP. I felt totally at ease throughout the sessions and Jo filled me with so much confidence and reassurance. She was able to take away all of my feelings of anxiety and stress. On test day I was a completely different person. I was able to focus, remain calm and most importantly this allowed me to pass this test.I am under no illusion that without Jo completing the last part of the jigsaw I would still be failing that test. I just wanted to say a massive thank you.
Louise – Kent


It’s hard to put into words just how much Jo has helped me. She is truly incredible! I used to have great anxiety when teaching, felt very nervous especially during lesson observation. This has all changed now, I now feel confident when going into my observations. I urge anyone who becomes anxious when teaching or during/before lesson observation to contact Jo! I can now enjoy the job I love so much!
Clara – Kent


Before I came to see Jo, I had always been self-conscious about speaking in public. I felt panic and dread as soon as any mention of presenting was suggested at my work place. Jo took time to find out the barriers that were holding me back, and then offered me strategies to overcome this fear. Jo is a very warm caring person who instils trust so you feel you can speak to her about anything, and she responds in a non-judgemental way. After only a few sessions, I am now confidently delivering training sessions, and I am very grateful to Jo for helping me make this positive change.
Angela – London


She really has changed my life.
Before I came to meet with Jo I was a very anxious person, not about anything in particular but my day to day life was a constant battle with anxious thoughts and feelings. I had suffered from anxiety for years, recently I’ve become a first time mum and I really didn’t want my anxiety to overshadow this amazing time in my life. Having tried different methods in order to help, such as counselling and medication I really didn’t hold out much hope. A friend recommended me Jo’s services and I can honestly say I was blown away with the outcome. I only wish I had known about Jo sooner. Not only did I learn more about anxiety than I had been told in all these years, the anxiety itself has gone! I can’t recommend Jo enough.
Ashley – Kent


Jo has changed my life and I can't put into words what it means to me that she was there to help lead the way - I get very emotional thinking about it.
Kay – London


I had heard many amazing things about Jo’s work but was sceptical that it could work for me. I had been suffering from anxiety for a couple of years, initially brought on by an unhealthy relationship, but it was getting worse and affecting all parts of my life. I couldn’t sleep properly, I felt that knot of anxiety in my stomach all day long and it was starting to affect my work and ability to make decisions – something had to change. That change was Jo! Right from the initial consultation and throughout the sessions Jo filled me with confidence in my own ability – she was reassuring, calm and professional throughout and so so encouraging! There is no way that I would have got past that anxiety without her. Her work with my sub-conscience really did change my life and I cannot thank her enough for that. I recommend Jo and her work to anyone who will listen – thank you Jo, you really do ROCK!
Justine - Kent


I was reluctant to book an appointment with Jo, after all I am a man of science and very sceptical. I approached Jo to help me with my self-confidence and assertiveness at work in a high powered job. I found Jo to be approachable, professional and extremely encouraging. Within two sessions, her faith in my ability to change and transform my perception about myself rubbed off on me. I have since managed not only to successfully handover a multimillion pound project, but I have secured a better job where my strengths are fully utilised. The changes made not only reframed my professional relationships but also impacted on my private life. My social interactions and communications became easier and I now approach people with my head held high. I have became a much happier person. I could not speak highly enough of Jo and will be forever be in her debt.
Amit - London


My session with Jo was a massive help in my preparation for my interview. Jo guided me calmly through a process, which made me feel relaxed, confident and capable. Tapping into my subconscious mind and controlling that ‘panic’ feeling that you get when something important is coming, was an amazing experience and the results were unbelievable. Jo’s professional and calm approach made me feel comfortable and in safe hands, I would definitely recommend her to anyone suffering with anxiety!
Mark – Kent


I’m currently studying Performing Arts and was totally amazed that I was chosen to be one of the female leads in our big school production. Confidence isn’t the strongest part of my character, but I was determined to perform to the best of my ability. My nerves were holding me back during my solo performances, so we approached Jo to see if she could help. I can honestly say I am blown away by the results! Show night was a sell out and I smashed it! I’m now very excited for my future in the Arts. A massive thanks to you Jo!
Maxine - Canterbury


Life changing!
Public speaking has always been a challenge for me, but my job has developed recently and I’m now expected to present to large groups of people. Prior to working with Jo I used to get so anxious, my mind would go blank and I would struggle to speak. I’m so pleased with the results that we have achieved. I’m now really confident and happy delivering presentations. Jo you are excellent! It’s great to now feel totally able to speak in public without anxiety and fear rattling away in the background.
Melanie London


As long as I can remember I have had an irrational fear of tunnels. You don’t realise how many tunnels there are in the world until you have to go through them. At its worse my fear would stop me breathing, my body was pulled tight with eyes scrunched closed, I can’t explain in words how overwhelming it was. Not so good when you have to drive through a tunnel. However, I am now cured!!! Through my sessions with Jo, I have travelled through tunnels with no fear and all the windows to the car wound down. It sounds ridiculous I know, but this was unheard of, my family even knew to wind the windows up when we approached a tunnel. I have even walked through underpasses, looking around me without looking down and holding by breath and been on the London underground. It is such a liberating feeling to know I am comfortable with walking through a tunnel all thanks to Jo and her amazing skills. I cannot stress how much this has changed my life. Thank you so
much you have literally changed my life.
Julia – Kent


I had a large interview process looming and I was concerned that my nerves and my anxiety would prevent me from doing my best so I went to see Jo and her professional, kind and personable approach made me feel comfortable and at ease straight away. Her expertise and skills meant I was in the best hands and after an in depth session, I left feeling relaxed and calm and was able to approach my interview with a clear head. I couldn’t believe how different I felt when I left her room! Thank you Jo, I couldn’t have done it without you and pleased to say I got the job!
Amy – Kent


Jo has helped me so much. I can’t believe that I no longer have an issue with food. I now know that just because it’s here I don’t have to eat it. Jo is so kind and considerate and definitely not judgmental. I would recommend anyone to seek help via Jo, she is amazing. I'm now losing weight and on target for a big event coming up with a new outfit planned!
Kerry – Derby


I went to see Jo as I had a fear of spiders since I was a child. As an adult it had got to the point where it had become debilitating and was affecting my life and decisions I made. I did not like having windows open in the summer in case spiders came in the house and I did not feel comfortable sitting outside. If I encountered a spider it filled me with a paralysing fear that made it hard to breathe and I could not stay in the room if I knew there was a spider in there. Now everything has changed - since seeing Jo I am no longer afraid, I open my windows and I go for long walks along the river. I can remove spiders from my home or be equally comfortable leaving them where they are. I cannot thank Jo enough for what she has done for me and I have told everyone I know about her.
Karen – Kent


I have feared dogs my whole life. I could not go into a park where dogs were allowed off their lead, I couldn’t visit friends who had dogs, take my children for a walk along the river for fear of meeting a dog on our route and could not knock on anyone’s door incase they owned a dog. After my sessions with Jo I could not believe the difference. The fear I felt before has completely gone and I am left with a sense of calm and confidence around dogs. Jo’s calm, respectful, professional and caring approach made the whole experience really positive for me and my life has been changed for the better forever! I only wish I had been able to do this sooner!
Adele – Kent


Thanks to Jo's help, I was able to overcome my fear of sitting a Maths exam. I needed to pass this qualification so I could attend my teacher training programme, which would enable me to achieve my goal of becoming a Spanish teacher. After my sessions with Jo, I was able to practice Maths calmly, without the high levels of anxiety I was experiencing before. I was able to study and take in all the information I needed in order for me to pass my exam without fear and stress. I am so grateful for her help and yes I passed my test and I am now training to be a teacher!
Louise – London


Jo has changed my life.
There are no words for me to describe how much Jo has helped me with my fear of flying and being in places like theatres, cinemas, meeting rooms where I had to sit on the aisle seat or I would start to panic. I was very sceptical and scared at first but decided it could not be any worse than my debilitating fears, and the way this affected not only me, but my whole family at times that should have been happy and full of excitement and not FEAR. I have now flown to several destinations with no fear!
Bev – Kent


I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Jo for helping me change my mindset surrounding some aspects of my responses to challenging situations. I work in a very demanding and challenging working environment and so I am often faced with intense and difficult situations daily, even on an hourly basis. Jo has really helped me to be able to process and respond more effectively to difficult professional situations and I have also experienced positive valuable changes in my personal life. I can now manage these more difficult and precarious aspects of my life with less emotional responses, more clarity and acceptance. It has been really nice to have my subconscious on board, we are now working together much better! I would recommend this form of treatment even for complex situations such as my own. Thanks again!
Alex – Kent


I was open to trying something new and different and I found my sessions with Jo to be very helpful. I was looking for focus, motivation and direction on a number of levels and I can say that we certainly achieved this by the end of our sessions together. Her methods are unique and sensitive, and Jo helped me to identify and action the three or four central issues presently in my life, and helped refine the vocabulary I use to address myself.
Scott – Kent


The sessions with Jo were really helpful in allowing me to make changes around how I feel about public speaking. The sessions have allowed me to overcome the barriers of being asked to speak in public and to large groups. Many of the feelings and the anxiety have now reduced to the point that I am now able to speak in public, and use each of the experiences as something positive to build on. My most recent event was with over 300 parents in a hall, something I would never have agreed to even try in the past. Thanks again for the support, it has made a huge difference to how I feel about public speaking and my confidence in my ability.
Mark – Kent


I have been so happy with the results Jo obtained with my sessions - not least because they were fast but they were so goal orientated. I knew what I wanted to change regarding deep seated beliefs which were limiting my actions, so set them as the object of the sessions with Jo and she very effectively got my subconscious on board and with its collaboration sought to turn the belief into something quite different. One of the areas that I wanted to address was the negative chat that would come up whilst I was trying to do something new in my life. "Oh you will never be able to do that!" "You are no good at figures, you are disabled, you can't lead to save your life etcetcetc....". This negative voice since my sessions with Jo has become rather small and pathetic, easily spotted and now really of little consequence. What I love about Jo's work is that you do not have to delve into your past to discover why or from whom you have a negative voice. The past is the past...........and you can still neutralize your negative beliefs without huge expense or years of soul searching. I worked on many other areas, all in the space of three sessions and the results have been pretty good. Jo herself is, disciplined and graceful, with huge empathy and wonderful eye contact. She herself leaves the lightest of footprints after a session but her work has shifted that juggernaut of a problem called negative chat, with the touch of a finger....quite literally! Thanks Jo you are brilliant.
Katy – Kent


I would highly recommend Jo to anyone.
I approached Jo after a challenging situation in the workplace that made me question my confidence and ability to deal with similar difficulties in the present and the future. I asked Jo to help me to remove some negative thoughts and feelings so that I could return to my normal confident and capable self. Jo was fantastic and I'm pleased to say the sessions were completely successful. All feelings of negativity have gone and it’s almost like the incident had never happened!
Joe - Kent


Fear and anxiety creep up on you; insidious and slow. Fear of flying and fear of medical results was my Achilles heel. Until I worked with Jo I would worry about flying from the moment the holiday idea had been conceived. One year, I felt such relief when we missed our flight to Italy that I happily drove the thousands of miles there and back, safe in the knowledge that at least we were on terra ferma! Working with Jo then enabled me to take a trip to South America, which entailed five flights with minimal worry or anxiety. Jo as a practitioner has excellent personal and interpersonal skills. She is insightful, spotting patterns and issues that are lurking beneath the shadows.
I would strongly recommend working with Jo if you want to be free of a part of yourself that is fearful or controlling.
Leona Talsma - Kent


Jo you are a miracle worker!!
Presentations have always been difficult for me but it’s part of my job. After a few sessions with Jo, I did the big test and guess what.... it worked a treat!! Yes, I did have butterflies before I went in but no sweaty palms, no going red, no shaky hands or voice. I didn't cry or need any emergency toileting!! The truth is it went so well, I had patients coming up to me afterwards asking about stuff to do with the presentation where as before I would have scuttled off awkwardly. Really can't thank you enough!
Lucy – Kent


My problem was that I kept waking up too early and, as a consequence, often felt drowsy during the day. Jo tackled this by speaking directly to that part of my mind that was responsible for my early waking. This has helped enormously and I now get a decent night's sleep most nights. And even on those few occasions I do awaken early I am able to get back to sleep quickly. This has made life a lot better. Thanks Jo!
Vincent – Kent


I must admit to being a little sceptical when I first thought of trying the work with Jo. I have been a working psychotherapist for more than three decades and come across my fair share of quick fix techniques that have had limited success and without a good level of competency from the practitioner can be dangerous. I was thrilled to find neither of this was true with Jo she is a highly skilled professional in her area and is very careful before undertaking the work to ensure that she keeps people safe. Her charisma, enthusiasm, compassion and wisdom give her work a contained and yet deeply powerful effect. Jo helped me move on from an issue, which had been restricting my potential for many years, and I can happily and confidently say that a year on from the sessions my limiting demons have stayed at bay.
Lorraine – Kent


I have always had a fear of public speaking and would immediately dread any request to do so. Before working with Jo, I would get extremely nervous, my mind would go blank and I would struggle to speak - no matter how much preparation I had done. Jo taught me that I am capable of presenting well, it was just a case of changing my mindset. I now feel a lot more confident that I can handle any challenge, which comes my way. Thank you for everything Jo!
Aimee –London


What a unique experience! Simple and fast techniques that can change what ever your heart desires. My own experience of having sessions with Jo has enabled me to move forward in my career, to value myself and to believe in the knowledge that I have obtained. I now truly believe that I am good at what I do. I no longer doubt myself and am not phased by new challenges. If you want change that really works and stays then I strongly recommend Jo.
Miriam – Kent


For as long as I can remember I have always been self-critical when faced with a challenge. I retired recently and decided to take up various sports. But that self-critical voice was holding me back and spoiling my enjoyment. Try as I might I could not stop being hard on myself. Jo has changed all that. I have been very impressed with her dedication and professionalism and astonished by what she has achieved for me. I now enjoy my sports activities much more and play my passion golf with a far more positive attitude. This now flows over into my whole life wherever I face a challenge. I can thank Jo for that.
Calvin – Kent


This woman is fantastic!
I had become completely and irrationally fearful of spiders- I couldn’t even be in the same room as one. Being at home or even in the garden was becoming harder each day; I just couldn’t relax. I was constantly on the look out and couldn’t relax until they were obliterated! Jo immediately put me at ease and came across as competent and professional through out. After just one session I’m now able to remove spiders from the house and I try my hardest to do it humanely- letting them go outside! I would definitely do this again for any fears or emotional blocks that can crop up and have recommended Reframing Minds to all my friends!
Maria - London


I went and saw Jo after having a car accident. The accident was a side impact and there were lots of issues at the time. I had lost my confidence driving, to the point where I was becoming dangerous. If someone approached a junction at speed and I was driving past I found myself swerving as if they were going to hit me. I suffered whiplash and have had neck, back and shoulder pain. Seeing Jo has made me more confident, I am actually enjoying driving again. She also helped me with my whip lash injury causing really bad shoulder pain! The outcome was a total transformation – 100% difference as I am more confident when driving and the shoulder pain gone.I can't believe the difference it has made thank you Jo!
Jane - Kent


I was suffering from destructive jealous feelings, which were negatively impacting on a new relationship. I’d been like this for years and previously visited counsellors to help, but old habits die hard and bad habits/behaviours repeated themselves. Spending time with you Jo, which by the way was an absolute pleasure, has not only helped me address those feelings and reactions but has positivity impacted me in so many other ways. I was super sensitive and often reacted defensively and childishly, now I truly feel like I’m growing up….not bad for someone aged nearly 50! I am now able to look in the mirror and think positively about myself instead of negatively. At work, I no longer direct my gaze to the ground, instead I hold my head up and look at my colleagues confidentially in the eye. I am much more comfortable when visiting new places, and the list goes on. Life seemed so very difficult and daunting before beginning this journey with you, now it feels so very exciting. So a huge thank you to you and my subconscious for all that you have both done.
Kat, Berkshire


I wish to recommend Jo in the highest terms to anyone who has a phobia and wants to get free of it. In one session Jo was able to free me of a social anxiety which meant I could not sit in the middle of a row in theatres and cinemas or perform in a choir performance situation for fear of fainting or having a panic attack. This stemmed from a childhood trauma in an assembly at school when I fainted. This phobia prevented me from choir performance despite going to all the rehearsals and meant I always had to sit at the end of a row in cinemas, theatres and lecture halls. I had three sessions in all with Jo, and now I actually have no fear of these social situations and enjoy my life so much more and feel able to make other changes too in my life. I lived with this phobia for 40 odd years! Jo is very approachable and gained my trust very quickly despite my initial scepticism that she could remove my phobia. She works with you in a lovely quiet room and puts you at your ease from the very beginning. I thoroughly recommend her to you; don’t wait 40 years like I did!
Mary – Sidcup


I approached Jo because I have been battling with anxiety and bouts of depression for nearly six years. I have tried several things through the NHS in attempt to help me cope, including counselling and CBT but nothing seemed to work for me. I decided that enough was enough and I was at the point where I was happy to go privately if it helped me and I believe my sessions with Jo have. Jo is a very kind and considerate person and made me feel nothing but comfortable when I was opening up to her about my problems, which wasn’t the easiest thing for me to do. Even before we had started our sessions, after the consultation I felt like I had hope. I am very grateful to Jo for the work that she has done using the control technique, overall I feel happier and more positive, so much so that I stopped taking my anti-depressants. I have also done things in recent weeks that would have been a problem for me not so long ago. You can tell this is not just a job to Jo, it is her passion and she really is amazing at it. I would like to thank Jo for the work that she has done, it was definitely worth my time and money and I would recommend it to anyone with similar struggles.
Rebecca - Kent


Just Brilliant.
I can't explain how she has helped me change my perspective on so many things and how quickly it happened. I now actually surprise myself in how I react to scenarios that would have sent me into panic before. Jo is focused and is fun with it.
Katey - Ireland


I contacted Jo over Christmas to see if she could help me with some crippling over thinking and anxiety I was having, which was affecting my life to a point of breaking point. I over thought everything, which was affecting all my friendships and my relationships. This was then forming in to social anxiety and struggling with situations at work. I have struggled with friendships all my life and once we started the sessions it was clear this was rooted from childhood. The difference my time with Jo has made to my life is beyond anything I can put in to words. I feel completely free of everything that was weighing me down and clouding me before, and can see things for what they truly are now and be happy. I have a new appreciation for myself and my relationships and I can truly say this was a life changing experience working with Jo. I have already recommended her to several people. Thank you for making me love myself and enjoy being me and feeling happy again.
Janine - Kent


I had no idea just how badly my own perception of what the world thought of me was affecting me. I got to the point where I couldn’t look people in the eye, and I would become emotional and tearful when people would ask me “How are you?”. I had heard that Jo came highly recommended and decided to approach her for some help. Jo was completely understanding and non-judgemental. She enabled me to not only understand why I felt that way, but why I had begun to react in the way that I was. After just one session my life changed completely and I was able to feel in control of my own emotions and reactions again.
Paula – Kent


My belief systems ruled me and created anxieties, which filled me with uncertainty and a lack of confidence in my own thoughts and ideas. I repeated patterns typical of anyone experiencing low self worth and trouble coping with anxiety. Since working with Jo I have found myself making huge changes. My OCD is no longer an issue for me; I can allow the house to become untidy without it clouding my thoughts and concentration. I have also become more trusting and assertive with myself as well as with others in order to make positive movements and changes for my future.
Sandra – Kent


A huge thank you Jo Price.
My issues began in my childhood and although I felt I was ‘ok’ and was managing life I was clearly not. I would self-sabotage in many ways without even realising for almost 28 years. My confidence was nothing like it appeared to others, my masking strategy worked well. I participated in a mindfulness course and during this time I found out about Jo Price and Reframing Minds. I thought that I would give it a go and I initially went to see if Jo could help me with a work related problem, we soon got to the real cause of my personal battles. I can not thank Jo enough for what she was able to give me during those sessions, firstly the realisation that I was not ok and then giving me the skills so I felt confident enough to address these deep rooted problems. I now feel in full control of my life, regardless of what it brings. My communication with other people has greatly improved due to my fantastic self-esteem and self worth. Jo is AWESOME and her work is just amazing. I personally recommended her to others and she helped people regain control of their lives. I will forever be grateful to her.
Michelle - Kent


I really can't thank you enough Jo!
I can't thank Jo enough for her help with my anxiety. It had got to the stage where it was making me very ill, I had to get help, counselling and medication was not a route that would have suited me. I decided to see Jo after hearing from others how much of a change it made for them. My one to one sessions with Jo have had a significant impact. Anxiety is no longer at the forefront of ALL my thoughts! It really has changed my life. Highly recommended!
Hayden - London


Thanks Jo!
I have always been one to feel overly stressed and low, but through the space of three sessions, Jo has completely changed my way of thinking and I feel like I had a major life change and cleanse! Seriously my stress has just breezed away. Any time I feel anxious my subconscious is now programmed to let it go with ease, as I know that it will be all right in the end! If anyone is feeling out of mind and wants to change I highly recommend!
Tristan - London


I can’t recommend Jo highly enough.
I met with Jo for three sessions to deal with my angry outbursts that had taken over my day to day life. I can’t thank Jo enough for the positive impact my sessions with her have had on my life. I still get angry, but know that it’s okay to feel that way and I’m now in control. I don’t allow it to escalate and can manage situations calmly that previously would have seen me fly off the handle. My overall mood has improved and I’ve also suffered less down days caused by my depression - which the anger triggered.
Jamie - London


I came to Jo with three key negative concerns in my life. She is a professional, friendly, articulate and caring person who pays great attention during conversations so she fully understands the situation or how I’m feeling. She puts you at ease, doesn’t judge, is patient and she articulates well and also puts across key messages in a firm way when needed. She has a thorough knowledge of her subject. She uses good eye contact and makes accurate notes. She is a delightful person and I would recommend her to everyone. She has helped me considerably and I really enjoyed my sessions with her. The room she uses is pleasant too. I miss seeing her but I don’t need to now.
Eveline - London


I definitely would recommend Jo.
I will be honest I wasn’t sure about this kind of therapy at the beginning, but I can honestly say that by the end I felt like me again (and it’s been a long time).I had many past demons that were haunting me but as the weeks passed by these demons began to leave my memories and stay in the past where they belonged. The strange thing was that during my session with Jo I actually came across a situation linked to my past, and it was really strange, I had no emotions or feelings at all. This was amazing!!! I also had difficulty expressing emotions (except anger), and also not allowing myself to feel happy as I had this planted in my mind if I was happy then something bad would happen. I was also concerned that the anger that I was displaying was rubbing off onto my son who also seemed not to be able to show emotions. I can’t believe the changes I made to correct these feelings and I have also seen the changes in my son, HAPPY DAYS!! Jo put these things into place and I’m working on them every day to become a better person. I can’t believe the changes I have made after such a short amount of time, it’s amazing!!!
Tyler – Kent


My milestone for success was when I realised I had stopped counting the hours, the days that I had last had a cigarette. When I realised that I had stopped counting and that I had forgotten how long it had been since I had given up smoking, I felt a huge amount of happiness. As you know going on holiday was the big challenge for me, but I can say hand on heart that the sunshine and warm sea has been thoroughly enjoyed without one cigarette. I am still in regular contact with my subconscious mind. Good luck with all your clients!
Lynne – Kent


I contacted Jo to see if she could help me to overcome my fear of competing with my horse. Although we were competing, I wanted to do it with confidence and enjoy the experience while it was happening. The results have been fantastic! We now enter an arena and approach a jump with confidence. The sense of achievement when we came 2nd was amazing. Here’s to a great summer season. Thank you Jo.
Megan Kent


Working with Jo has been a life changing experience. I have had anxiety for many, many years and been reliant upon medication on and off for at least 15 years. After experiencing severe health problems during the last year my life was so bad that I was barely left the house. I've lost friends due to keep cancelling arrangements, been off sick from work, caused my health to deteriorate further through stress and anxiety and just generally been living in an ever decreasing bubble of what I can do…..my whole existence had crumbled so far and I couldn't see a way out. Asking for help was, in my mind, a desperate attempt and something I would never have done before now. However, everything was about to change. After the first session working with Jo I got in my car, drove 100 miles and ate a meal with family at a celebration…..no anxiety, no upset stomach, no panic attacks, no over-breathing and making myself feel faint….nothing! It was an amazing experience and I've gone from strength to strength since then. My life is blossoming and I feel so much happier, calmer and in control. I am finally enjoying life. I never would have thought I could get to this stage!! I feel normal again, something I haven't felt for such a long time. Telling someone else how you are really feeling, letting them know just how bad your life has got and having them give their thoughts was a sobering experience, but I took it all on board, took action and now I am reaping the rewards. I am so happy I found Jo, had the courage to ask for help and listened to her. Working with Jo has genuinely changed my life and I'm so glad I contacted her. I feel I am really living my life now and am excited about the future. Jo is so positive and upbeat…..you can actually feel the positive vibes off her and her enthusiasm for her work gives you confidence….you really have nothing to lose by asking her for help….and everything to gain, I am truly grateful to her.
Anna – Kent

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."