What does our training offer

Training is in real time, which means the sessions are delivered online, by a team of professional trainers working with small groups of learners to ensure the learning experiences are dynamic, inclusive, comprehensive and enjoyable. We guarantee there will be lots of student interactions and discussions during your online training sessions. You will enjoy a training experience that feels robust in content, structured in delivery, and provides you with a complete package ready for you to deliver this excellent programme. We will provide you with a ready to go, six session programme based on quantitative evidence-based results that the AM programme can improve the mindsets and learning capacities of young people today.

Mindfulness plays a key part in the training programme because we are mindfulness professionals and advocates of this compassionate and healthy way of living life. This means we dedicate valuable time in learning about the different types of mindfulness we can use for our own wellbeing and mental health coupled with what we need to know to help the young people that we will be working with in the future.
You will also be given the fantastic opportunity to work in one of our UKAT secondary schools where you will work with a minimum of three young people to complete your training as an AM Coach. The young people that you will work with will be aged between 10 – 19 years old and will have requested to attend the AM programme. This will give you first-hand experience of delivering the AM programme with structured support and supervision in an educational environment. These sessions in schools can be delivered online or in person if you are geographically close to the schools where we offer the AM programme. We have a fantastic room that is dedicated to our AM programme and available for us to work with many young people.

The AM training programme will provide you with a truly dynamic learning experience, encompassing tried and tested approaches that really do work and give young people the tools to change their mindsets and live more happier, healthier, resilient lives.

Plus, we can guarantee you that this training can be accessed without the hassles of organising any travel arrangements, so it is easy to access our training and low in cost.


Get ready to enjoy twelve sessions of high-quality learning with our very dynamic, experienced, and super positive trainers. Our trainers are Amazing Minds Coaches and are professionals in their own fields of expertise, specialising in mindfulness, counselling (children and adults) mental health, wellbeing and supervision programmes. 

Digital Training Guide

We have created a comprehensive online training guide that is easy to follow and captures a wealth of information and first-hand experiences of how you can achieve excellent results working with young people and their mindsets. We have included high quality video content, recommended reads, professionally recorded mindfulness meditations and easy to follow top tips on how the AM programme is delivered to ensure maximum success. The electronic training guide is clear, concise and provides you with everything you need know to become an AM Coach.

Written in the context of working in an educational setting, the simple six session approach can easily be delivered in a variety of different contexts such as your own private practise, schools, academies, colleges or universities. This tool kit will compliment your existing professional skill set and widen your opportunities to help young people through a more directional approach as we incorporate a coaching motivational approach in the AM programme.

How long will it take to train as an Amazing Minds Coach?

Your initial training will be 12 sessions based on one session per week and you will complete this part of the training in three months.

The second part of the training could be completed in just 6 weeks.  It really is down to you as it depends on how many young people you are able to work with at the same time, so this is a flexible time scale.

CPD hours

The total number of CPD hours that the AM programme will offer you is 30 hours, and we will provide a certificate of attendance on completion of the course.

Entry Requirements 

You will be required to have a recognised qualification in working with children or young people. This might include but is not limited to counseling, play therapy, psychotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, coaching, mindfulness etc.

Alternatively, you may be working in a professional educational setting such as a school, academy, college or university and be working with young people in the role of teacher, learning support assistant, SENCO, teaching assistant, behaviour support assistant etc. If you are already employed in one of the above educational institutions, you can apply to do the training for the AM programme and deliver the programme through your current workplace where you are employed and insured to work with young people.

We will also require that all our learners will have membership with a professional body such as:

  • The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • The UK Council for Psychotherapy 
  • British Psychological Society
  • ICF – International Coach Federation
  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • Association for Coaching

You will of course be required to have a current, enhanced DBS and required to attend one of our UKAT safeguarding training sessions before undertaking your placement as an AM Coach in one of the UKAT academies.


Please provide your contact details below to register your interest in the Amazing Minds programme. We will update you when the next course dates are announced.

"It is a good and useful course, even if you might not need it at the time (that you do it), as it
gives you the opportunity to have something to help you. It has helped me to be calmer,
more rational, and more aware of what I am doing and how I am feeling."

Kerrie B